What is Psoriasis ? Psoriasis Causes and Symptoms


What is Psoriasis ?

One of the most common, but not really famous diseases is psoriasis. Besides the fact the many parts of its manifestations influent the skin, it also can influent the other organs. The modern medicine cannot yet offer effective medicines that van help with the treating this problem. The bigger part of the medicines contains hormones and can be used only for removing the outside symptoms of the psorias.what_is_psoriasissource


Most common symptoms of psoriasis are on the skin of the elbows, the knees, the back, and the head. The skin is red; there are red or pink papules, and drying of the skin. In the skin, when there is psoriasis, also can suffer the nails, starting from the basic, and are characterized with subungual hyperkeratosis. Then, on the surface there is striation and deposition of the recesses (thimble symptom). Psoriatic arthritis starts with defeating the little ankles, accompanied with pain and inflammation.how-to-get-rid-of-psoriasis


Reasons for Psoriasis 

Genetic, endocrine, parasitic, allergic,-contagious-allergic, change, auto-immune, contagious diseases (including viruses) and neurological. During the illness, directly influent the weather changes, and usually there are worst in the cold season and they are approving in the warmer months. As I have already mentioned, the modern medicine have not yet founded medicine for treating this illness.