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If you've ever gone to a fancy restaurant and saw the word confit on the menu and not had a clue what it meant, you're not alone. Confit, pronounced con-fee, is a French cooking technique where you cook an animal in duck fat....

If You Can Never Get Your Off-The-Shoulder Top to Stay, This is the Solution!

Whether you’re an off-the-shoulder fanatic or just like to get a little whimsical with the occasional top, there is something that everyone...

Get Fitness Inspiration from Victoria’s Secret Models

Do you need a dose of fitness inspiration? There’s no better motivation than to follow #TrainLikeAnAngel hashtag on Instagram and see how Victoria's Secret...

20-20 Rule: the Amazing Decluttering Technique You Should Know About

The whole world started going crazy for decluttering thanks to Marie Kondo, but her “does it spark joy” mantra doesn’t really work...

A Pouf Can Change a Room in More Ways than One

Poufs have been around for a while, but they've gotten to be super popular lately. If you've ever been to Morocco or...
These Tips Will Change The Way You Apply Glitter Nail Polish (3)

These Tips Will Change the Way You Apply Glitter Nail Polish

Glitter nail polish is amazing, but does it ever bother you how it takes a whole eternity to apply it? Well, that's...

These Stunning Attractions Will Convince You to Visit Tasmania

Tasmania is one of the most exciting states in Australia. It is also the smallest one, but that doesn't stop it from...
You Have To Try The Hungarian Sour Cherry Soup

You Have to Try the Hungarian Sour Cherry Soup

You'll be surprised to hear that Hungarians have one of the most amazing cuisines in the world. This cold sour cherry soup...