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Europe during winter is a special sight. Many major cities have amazing Christmas fairs throughout December and most of them are just a short trip away from beautiful nature, lakes or mountains you can escape to for a quiet day. But Europe is so big, so where do you...

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Housewarming Gifts You’ll Want to Keep For Yourself

If you have friends who are moving, know that they have a difficult task in front of them. Packing all the belongings, loading them...

Zara Launched a Super Stylish Maternity Range (and it’s About Time)

Zara's latest maternity range is stylish and affordable. The Spanish retailer has released a new maternity collection called "Mum". The range is stylish and eclectic and prices...

If You Want to Escape to Somewhere Warm This Winter, Check Out These Spots

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Is Rainbow Teeth the Weirdest Instagram Trend of 2018?

There's a new bizarre trend circulating on Instagram and it could possibly be the strangest trend of 2018 (so far). https://www.instagram.com/p/BmjxlGGBb1_/?utm_source=ig_embed The trend is rainbow teeth,...