Heather Rios’ Embroidery Cakes Will Make You Do a Double Take

As the “everything is cake” trend takes the world by storm, Heather Rios is inviting you to the world where nothing is. This embroidery artist specializes in stitching together incredibly realistic embroidery cakes that look just as tasty as the real thing.

According to her Instagram page, Rios started making her embroidery cakes in 2018. Her creations are as colorful and cheerful as it gets, but the story behind them isn’t as fun and offbeat.

“I started making these colorful embroideries because well…my life was going terribly and I was just trying to cheer myself up by making the most colorful, happy things I could think of,” she explained in an Instagram post.

Rios used her embroidery cakes to cheer herself up, and they now have the same effect on everyone that comes across them. She has taken the concept of food art to a whole new level by creating cakes that look so remarkably realistic that you’ll have to wonder whether they’re actually made of fabric and thread.

The realistic look isn’t the only thing you’ll find appealing about Rios’ creations. She mostly focuses on stitching together funfetti cakes that are bursting with color and have the power to put a smile on your face.