Reasons to Try Watercolor Painting

Photo by Gustavo Leighton on Unsplash

Many people enjoy creative activities to pass their time. There are so many mediums out there which people can use to express themselves. If you have tried lots of artistic activities and are looking to try something new, or you’re new to the creative world and hoping to get into it, then watercolor painting may be the perfect choice. 

It’s a Fun Technique to Learn 

Watercolor painting requires certain techniques in order to make it work, and these are super satisfying to pick up. Learning how to layer on the paint and use the water to move it around the page is a calming activity, and working out how to blend the colors to create beautiful swirls and gradients is lovely. 

Creates Stunning Scenes

Once you’ve worked out some of the techniques, you’re able to build some incredible images. Blending colors and playing with texture can produce some serene and captivating art that will bring you a sense of peace. 

Incredible Art History

Watercolor paintings are often a huge feature of art galleries around the world because it’s such a beautiful and calming medium. Having these links to artists and pieces throughout history will help you feel more connected with the world as you paint.