How to Take Care of Your Eyes During the Winter

Eye drops
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

Eye health is important at any time of year, but during the winter our eyes can be particularly susceptible to dryness and itchiness. On top of this, new year celebrations often call for intense, glitter based eye make up looks, which can also cause damage and distress to our eyes. If your eyes are feeling the strain, check out these simple tips on taking care of them.

Check Your Eye Make-Up Remover

Invest in a good quality eye makeup remover, and when you’re taking off your makeup hold a cotton pad soaked in remover over your eye for 10 – 20 seconds before wiping. This helps to loosen the makeup and stops you scrubbing at your eyes, which can lead to damage and irritation.

Consider Eye Drops

Most pharmacies sell simple eye drops which can help to reduce itching and redness. Follow the instructions on the pack and monitor daily to see if your eyes are feeling healthier.

Replace Your Products

One of the main causes of irritated eyes is using beauty products which have expired. Check the use by dates on products such as your mascara and eyeliner, and be prepared to replace these every 6 months. Remember to clean brushes, especially those which are applying eyeshadow or will come into close contact with your eyes.

Take care of your eyes if you want to avoid itching and irritation this winter.