This Might Be the Summer of Nude Nails

Crop person with hand holding arm
Photo by Angela Roma via Pexels

This summer, the beauty world is buzzing about a trend that’s as refreshing as it is simple: nude nails. After years of bold colors and gel overlays dominating nail fashion, the pendulum is swinging back towards minimalism. Let’s take a closer look at the trend.

The Rise of Minimalism in Nail Beauty

Nude nails, or leaving nails polish-free, are gaining popularity as more people embrace a natural and understated look. This trend is part of a larger movement towards minimalism in beauty routines, focusing on enhancing natural features rather than covering them up. It’s all about feeling confident in one’s own skin—or in this case, keratin.

Embracing and Enhancing Natural Nails

If you’re considering joining the nude nails trend this summer, here are some tips to embrace and enhance the natural beauty of your nails:

  • Keep your nails clean, trimmed, and nicely shaped. Use a soft nail brush to gently scrub under and around the nails to prevent dirt and grime buildup.
  • Nails and cuticles can become dry and cracked, especially in summer. Invest in a good cuticle oil and hand moisturizer to keep your nails and the surrounding skin soft and healthy.
  • If you miss the gloss of polish, use a nail buffer to make your nude nails shine.