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Seashells have taken over the world of jewelry and home décor, and it's now coming for nail art—but probably not in the way you expected. Seashell-inspired nails don’t just feature fun prints—their main goal is to look just like the real thing. https://www.instagram.com/p/CC3rjtshWCG/
Whenever Kylie Jenner does something, it instantly becomes a new trend, and that’s certainly the case in the world of nail art. Here are some of her recent manicures that you can use for nail art inspiration this summer. Evil Eye Print
Chaun Legend is one of the most popular nail artists on Instagram, who worked with countless celebrity clients, including Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian. He established himself as the biggest trendsetter in the world of nail art, and these five summer trends got his seal of approval.
Summer is on full swing and salons are officially reopening. Let's take a look back at some of the most prominent nail trends in July 2020. Dipped Ends Dipped ends recently cropped up all over our Instagram feed. It's a...
Summer nails are usually all about bright colors and outrageous prints, but there are exceptions to this rule. Cloud print nails are the perfect example, and they’re as dreamy and whimsical as can be. The name of this nail art trend pretty much explains...
Just because you are at home, that doesn't mean you need an excuse to give yourself a manicure. These nail polishes are so spring-fresh that they are bound to give you a mood boost when you need one. Essie Ombré Nails
Iridescent Nails Are The Biggest Trend RN
If you've been looking for a great way to spice up your nail art, we're here to report on the latest trend. Iridescent nails come in so many shapes and forms, which means that there is a style for everyone. Fabulous Tips
Adding some sparkle to your nails, especially in gold, is so glamorous. Whether you prefer subtle details or full-on bling there is a style that suits everyone. Gold nail polish isn’t only available in glitter form, there's also gold-colored polish and gold leaf. This look will make...
There is nothing like a freshly painted set of nails that make people want to stop and stare at your hands. It could be because of the color you decided on, or most likely it is the new nail art design you added to them. Nail art is...
Betina R. Goldstein is one of our favorite nail artists on Instagram. Her designs are creative and daring, but she works on her real nails and not on falsies. This makes them a little less extra and a little more practical than your typical nails.

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