Betina Goldstein is Giving Some Summer Inspiration for Short Nails

Most of Instagram’s leading nail artists use long, acrylic nails as their canvas—but not Betina Goldstein. She’s proving to the world that short nails can look equally amazing, and she’s giving us some major inspiration for the summer with her fun and carefree manicures.

Fruit Print

Nails with fruit print will make a huge comeback this summer, and Goldstein is already on board with this trend. You can find manicures with hand-painted strawberries, bananas, and watermelons on her Instagram.

Marine Life

The popular nail artist also seems to be a fan of manicures that depict marine life. Her nails with tiny fish and lobsters are truly a perfect fit for summer.

Wavy Lines

Manicures with squiggles and wavy lines are all the rage right now, and Goldstein couldn’t resist their charm.

Floral Nails

The floral print is never going out of style, and it tends to make a comeback every time spring arrives. This trend will expand its reign throughout the summer, and you should definitely give it a try.

Metallic Shades

Goldstein is the queen of manicures with a metallic vibe, and they’re always a good idea since they make it possible to add a chic vibe to pretty much any look.