Best Ideas for Trendy and Adorable Yin and Yang Nails

Trendy manicures that we’re seeing everywhere this spring are all about embracing fun and nostalgic prints. Yin and yang is one of them, and here are some of the best nail art ideas with this ancient symbol.

Classic Look

To get the classic yin and yang look, you should stick to black and white. It’s not necessary to get the print on all your nails—one or two per hand will do it, while the rest of your nails should be black or white.

Mismatched Look            

Mismatched nails have been all the rage last year, and they’re not going anywhere. It’s always fun to combine different prints at once, and yin and yang can be one of them.

Colorful Mismatch

Sticking to black and white shades makes it easy to match your nails with any look, but it’s not the only option. You can make your yin and yang print as colorful as you want, and mix it up with other vibrant patterns.

Yin and Yang French

French manicure went through many transformations over the years, and nail artists came up with creative ways to put a twist on it. Right now, it’s pretty common to decorate your tips with different prints, including the yin and yang symbol.