Water Droplet Nails Are Just the Manicure You Need This Summer

Summer usually gives us more nail art trends than any other season, and it’s difficult to stick to just one. If you want to give your nails some major beach vibes, the “water droplet” manicure is just the thing you need, and it’s one of the summer’s biggest nail art trends.

This nail art trend is perfect for fans of extravagant 3D designs with an incredibly realistic feel. The main idea behind this manicure is to make it seem like you’ve been caught in a rainstorm and tiny droplets ended up sticking to your nails like they’ve been frozen in time.

This incredible effect is accomplished with the use of hardened gel or globs of clear nail polish. You can try to recreate the illusion of wet fingertips on your own, but most people rely on their nail artists when it comes to this trend because it can be pretty difficult to copy.

If “water droplet” nails seem familiar, it’s probably because you’ve previously seen them on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram. She’s been working closely with celebrity manicurist Mei Kawajiri, who specializes in over-the-top 3D manicures, and we’ve seen her rock several iterations of this trendy manicure.