Gracie J. Will Inspire You to Embellish Your Nails

After a year of lockdown, don’t blame us for wanting to step up our game when it comes to our beauty routines. Out with the boring manicures in with the over-the-top nail art! This summer is all about painting, decorating, enhancing, and embellishing the nails.

Here to set the tone is NYC-based nail artist Gracie J. With almost 40k followers on Instagram, J. should definitely be on your radar. Recent posts include tortoiseshell-inspired nail art, bold tiger prints, and even a tiny sculpted comb added to the tip of her nails.

A trained nail tech and self-taught artist, J. was the former Lead Nail Stylist for TNT’s critically-acclaimed television series CLAWS. According to J. her inspiration for both her personal and professional work comes from the people and places around her. “I derive inspiration from other places, from all kinds of artists, like jewelry designers,” she shared in an interview with Coveteur. “But sometimes I just have an idea that pops in my head.”

Inspiration, as it turns out, also comes from her upbringing, and more specifically – her mother. “My mom is a very flashy person; she always had her nails done,” says J. “If we’re going to a simple BBQ, she’ll wear a gypsy skirt and shirt with chains—she’s the flashy Haitian mom.”

Growing up with a “flashy mom” also meant she took note early on, and has been doing her nails since the age of 13. “I wanted to do anyone and everyone’s nails,” jokes J. “Now nails with smiley faces are trending, but I did that when I was a teen. And did a pretty bomb job.”

Scroll down for some dope nail art inspo and show her some love on Instagram: