Rainbow Hair Inspiration That’ll Make You Want to Dye Your Hair This Pride

Rainbow hair
Photo by Dosfotos/Shutterstock (8609297ae)

It’s June, which means it’s the best month of the year: Pride month. The month of hot, sweaty parades, queer visibility, and rainbow everything. If you like to celebrate pride by wearing your rainbow heart on your sleeve, you might be inspired to dye your hair rainbow, too, when you see these examples.

Just a Hint

A combination of bright, stop sign red and jewel-toned vertical rainbow, this hair color shows just a peek of rainbow that can be hidden. Can you call it subtle? Maybe not, but you can call it cool as heck.

On the Bottom

One of the more interesting patterns of rainbow hair out there, this chevron rainbow on the bottom 2/3 of the hair is definitely a classy version of rainbow hair that you can show off or keep hidden to your liking.


The most subtle of all of the rainbow hair on this list, this unicorn, iridescent, holographic rainbow highlight on silver hair is to dye for (get it?). Okay, corny jokes outside, this hair color might not read as rainbow from afar, but it’ll definitely make you gasp from up close with how stunning it is.