Velvet Nails Are the Biggest Holiday Trend

Nail trends haven’t really been in our focus this year. We had many other important things in mind but the holidays are nearly here and it’s time to enjoy what’s left of this year in any way we can. If that means painting your nails with the latest sparkling trend, so be it. We present the new trend that’s all over social media—velvet nails.

If you like wearing velvet in the winter, you’ll definitely enjoy having a matching manicure. Velvet nails have texture, dimension, and shine that make them perfect for the holiday season. However, they aren’t as fuzzy as the pictures make them look—it’s just the lighting trick that creates that effect.

Many different brands carry “velvet” nail polishes but you can get a similar effect with any holographic polish and the shiniest top coat you have. For the best effect, head to your favorite salon where they know what to do to achieve just the result you want.

Aren’t the velvet nails one of the prettiest things you’ve seen recently?