Rob Kenney: The Internet Dad Who Became the Father Figure Millions Never Had

In a digital age filled with viral trends and fleeting online sensations, one man has emerged as a beacon of hope, wisdom, and guidance for millions. Rob Kenney, also known as the “Internet Dad,” has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide by providing fatherly advice, support, and life lessons many never had the chance to receive.

Rob Kenney’s story begins on YouTube, where he created the channel “Dad, How Do I?” in April 2020. His mission was simple yet profound: to offer practical, fatherly advice on everyday tasks and life skills. From changing a tire to tying a tie, Rob’s videos cover a wide range of topics aimed at helping viewers navigate life’s challenges.

Rob grew up in a challenging family environment, with a father who was largely absent from his life. His personal experiences made him keenly aware of the importance of fatherly guidance. Rob’s sincerity and warmth shine through in every video. Viewers can sense that he genuinely cares about their well-being and success. For those who lacked a positive male role model in their lives, Rob serves as an example of the fatherly figure they longed for.