This Artist is Using Her Hands as Canvas to Craft Whimsical Miniature Paintings

Image via golsa.golchini/Instagram

Most artists are using hands as a tool in their work, but Golsa Golchini took things up a notch and decided to use them as a canvas, as well. She became a true social media sensation thanks to creating whimsical, miniature paintings on her hands and fingers.

Golchini is currently based in Milan, Italy, but she spent most of her life in Tehran, Iran. Her art took many different shapes and forms over the years, but her viral hand paintings are one of the reasons why she has over 110,000 Instagram followers right now.

Golchini’s creations may seem unorthodox because she doesn’t use traditional canvas, but she’s actually inspired by everyday life and trying to craft artworks that resonate with everyone willing to open up their heart.

“I love to combine all that I have ever learnt during my journey and to serve it on a silver plate to the observer… I believe the era of ‘complicated’ artworks has come to an end and our century is in true need of simplicity and joy,” writes Golchini on her official website.

Golchini enjoys experimenting with different visual art languages, but her hand paintings are our absolute favorite. She enjoys exploring scenes inspired by the seaside and sailing, but no subject is off-limits for this creative artist.