Fun Arts And Crafts to Do on Your Next Date

Pottery class
Photo by Monstera/Pexels

Do you have a date coming up? If so, you might be looking for ways to make a lasting impression. Rather than taking your date to a bar or restaurant, here are some interesting arts and crafts that the two of you could enjoy together for an alternative and memorable evening.


By creating a piece of pottery, you and your date will not just be able to allow your imaginations to flow but receive a souvenir in the process. If you don’t feel confident about creating pottery yourself, then pottery painting is also an option.

Clay Sculpting

If you’re feeling brave, then clay sculpting could be an excellent opportunity for you and your date to create some impressive sculptures. If this sounds a bit too challenging, you could go to a beginner-oriented studio that offers oven-baked clay and air-dry clay options.

Sketch Class

If you’ve always wanted to learn to draw, then this is your chance. Sketch class enables you to get practice drawing a range of objects, which may even include your significant other. You and your date may even impress each other with some unexpected drawing talent.