Holistic fitness. The latest health approach.
Have you heard of the latest health and fitness craze—holistic fitness? While many workouts emphasize intensity and burning tons of calories, holistic fitness takes a different approach, focusing on the mind-body connection. If you're looking for a new fitness trend to hop on board too, holistic fitness...
A trainer shows how to work the arms
Losing stubborn arm fat can be difficult, but these powerful arm exercises will help you get rid of those flabby arms and tone your arm muscles pretty quickly. Most of these exercises can be done at home so make sure to check them out.
The 75Hard fitness trend.
Have you heard of the 75Hard challenge? It's the latest fitness craze taking over social media and it's all about making mental and physical health changes to get your life back on track. As the name suggests, it's a 75-day challenge. Here's what you need to know...
A woman walks in a park
Working out on a regular basis is pretty much the key to staying in shape and toning your body. But if you hate exercising or going to the gym, here are a few great ways to tone your body with little or no effort.
A woman working out
Keeping your hair out of your face while working hard at the gym is very important because a bad hairstyle can really ruin your workouts. Check out these practical but really cute hairstyles that are perfect for the gym. Braids Girls...
Trampoline workout, or rebounding, is one of the fitness trends that everyone loves right now, so you absolutely must give it a chance. Rebounding is great for heart health and burning calories, and here are some fun trampoline workouts on YouTube you can try doing at home.
5 tips for switching up your workouts.
Finding a workout you love and look forward to is like discovering gold, but after a while, you'll probably get bored with it. That's when it's time to try something new and explore different fitness routines. While switching things up may be overwhelming, it's just what you...
Woman at workout
One thing that’s keeping most people from staying active is the lack of motivation to commit to a fitness routine. Things can get even more difficult if you’re trying to do one-hour-long workouts every day, but that’s where the 10-minute-rule comes in. Working for...
Bungee fitness. The trendiest workout.
Let's face it—staying in shape takes lots of time and effort and after a while, many of us lack the motivation to workout. New workouts can bring excitement to your routine and bungee fitness is the latest class you should try. Bounce, glide, and fly around a...
A great workout playlist can play an important role in motivating you to give it your all at the gym. Dance cardio workouts became popular exactly because they utilize music as a motivational tool, and MadFit is one of the most popular channels using this strategy.

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