Working out in summer
Working out outdoors during the hot summer months is all fun and games until you come home and notice sunburns on your skin. They’re one of the biggest problems you’ll be dealing with in summer, but you can protect yourself from them in three short steps.
If we had to pick a single gym equipment piece that all your favorite stars are raving about right now, mini trampolines would make the cut. Everyone from Eva Longoria to Goldie Hawn seems to love them, but there are a few things you should know before...
Regular stretching can have amazing health benefits—it can improve posture and flexibility, relieve muscle pain and boost your fitness performance. Here are a few simple tips for a safe and effective stretching routine. Stretching is Not a Warm Up Keep in...
Running shoes
Running shoes can be expensive, but having a good pair is extremely important for every runner. If you’re planning on investing a lot of money in quality running shoes, you’ll probably want to take good care of them and extend their life. Here are a few helpful...
Practicing yoga everywhere
Yoga is a great way to stay in shape by toning your flexibility and strength. However, its focus on breathing and listening to your body also makes it an amazing tool for centering yourself when you feel tense or tired. We can't always control where we are...
Running in summer
If running happens to be your go-to workout, you’ll be struggling to stay consistent with your usual schedule this summer. Hot temperatures make this routine extra challenging, but there are things you can do to make running more bearable—even in the summer heat.
The color yellow is currently taking over every aspect of our life, and our workouts won’t be immune to its charm. Workout clothes in different shades of yellow are showing up everywhere, and some of our favorite Hollywood stars already gave this trend their seal of approval.
Sustainable fitness routine
People are becoming more aware of environmental issues and trying to make some lifestyle changes in order to help our planet. One of the ways you can lead a more sustainable lifestyle is to change your fitness routine with these easy eco-friendly habits. Reusable...
Stand up paddleboarding
If watersports happen to be your favorite summer pastime, how about trying something this year? Stand Up paddleboarding aka SUP is taking the world by storm right now, and you should give it a shot for more reasons than one. Amazing Workout
How to maintain shape
Staying in good shape is sometimes easier than we think, and it’s usually about building healthy lifestyle habits. Here are some important things healthy people do to stay in shape. No Diet Diets are usually about restricting certain food groups in...

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