Christina Kunanets Finds Viral Success With Her Realistic 3D Food Paintings

The “is it cake?” trend inspired the rise of realistic food art, and Christina Kunanets decided to embrace it in her own way. She became a true Instagram sensation thanks to her incredibly realistic paintings of our favorite comfort foods.

Since starting her Instagram page in late 2020, Kunanets attracted over 140,000 followers, and she deserves all the attention coming her way. The rise of Instagram Reels helped her find viral fame because these brief videos managed to fully capture her step-to-step process.

Kunanets’ viral videos usually see her applying a thick layer of paint on canvas, and their color and texture make them seem just like real food. She mostly focuses on painting comfort foods we all know and love, such as donuts, waffles, pies, croissants, and everything in between.

Kunanets didn’t opt to focus on food paintings simply because they look good. Whether it’s a croissant from your first trip to Paris or a cocktail that you enjoyed drinking with a close friend, she’s a huge believer that food has the power to take us back to important moments in our past.

“Every simple thing, at first sight, carries information, association, memories, and a moment of ‘deja vu’. That’s why I draw simple things in these pictures – which you fill with your personal emotions!” she explains on her Etsy page.