Three Things To Do In Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium
Photo by Elijah G on Unsplash

Bruges is an incredibly idyllic city that has lots to offer in terms of food, beer, and architecture. With a medieval history and beautiful canal walks, it is a city that is well worth a visit and deserves its title as ‘Venice of the North’. Here are three things to do when you’re in Bruges.

Food and beer

The local cuisine is quite meat and fish heavy and one of the most notable local dishes is waterzooi, which is a stew dish that can be made with either fish or chicken. Many restaurants in Bruges also serve stewed rabbit, which is delicious as a gamier alternative to beef. If you are into your beer, then this is one of the main attractions in Bruges, as good quality Belgian beer is everywhere. Likewise, high quality chocolatiers can be found throughout the center, and there are multiple chocolate factories which give you an insight into the history and production process.

Belfry of Bruges

The Belfry is an incredible piece of architecture and overlooks the main square in Bruges. It plays a significant role in the film ‘In Bruges’, and you can walk up the bell tower and get great views of the surrounding area. On certain days, there is also an amazing musical performance known as a carillon concert, which is a series of bells in the tower that are synchronized to play different pieces of music.

Canal walks

Everywhere in Bruges is beautiful and you can simply follow a canal path and take in some stunning architecture and unique scenery. You can also find your way to a series of windmills via the canal paths, some of which are still operational.