Three Nail Oils to Rescue Your Winter Nails

Photo by Vero Manrique on Unsplash

Do you ever find yourself fretting over thin, brittle, see-through nails? Whether you’re committed to gel manicures, prefer an at-home option, or even just want the natural look for your nails, all of these require the nails to be healthy and well conditioned. Winter, with its cold weather and drying indoor heating, can wreak havoc on nail health. One of the best ways to restore it is to apply a natural nail oil, as well as regularly using a rich hand cream. Here, check out three of the nail oil options which will regenerate your nails and get them healthy and shiny once more.


Marketed as a skin oil for stretch marks and scars, Bio-Oil contains some amazing vitamins and essential nutrients which will feed and replenish hair, skin and nails. Simply rub one or two drops into your nails, leave to sink in for around five minutes, and then follow up with your favorite hand cream.

Almond Oil

Most health care and beauty stores should sell pure almond oil. Often used as a skin massage oil or a hair conditioning product, almond oil is also great at strengthening weak nails. Apply up to three times daily to see a difference in under a week, as your nails transform from weak and brittle to super strong and shiny!

Olive Oil

Beloved by the ancient Greeks for its nourishing properties, olive oil is a great option if you want to dip a toe in the nail oil trend, as it’s likely you’ll already have some in the kitchen. To make it super nourishing, whisk some into some coconut oil to create a more solid ‘mask’ which can sit on your nails for five to ten minutes. Gently rinse off (with warm, not hot, water) and massage your nails to see the difference this can make to their shine and condition.

Nail oils are a relatively cheap and easy way to improve the health and look of your nails, so check one of these oils out and see the difference it can make for you.