3 Tips For Being Creative and Productive

Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash

If you’re an artist of any kind—whether you’re a musician, painter, sculptor, or anything else—it always helps to have some tips in your back pocket to optimize your production. If you’re trying to make better creations, here are three tips that’ll improve your efficiency and quality as well.

Create Now, Critique Later

There’s a common saying that we’re all our own harshest critics, and this can be extremely true. The problem is, when we’re too critical of ourselves, it can really stifle our creativity. The key is to turn off our critical side and just create without thinking. Later, you can reflect on your work and critique it appropriately.

Be Your Own Audience

Another thing that can be good is to be your own audience. Oftentimes as artists we worry so much about what our prospective audience wants. The problem is that we don’t really know what they want, and therefore it’s a lot better to try and impress ourselves with our art. This will create the best results.

Quantity Breeds Quality

Finally, it’s crucial to constantly be creating. The best way to create quality work is to exercise our creative muscles as though they’re muscles. This will strengthen our ability to optimize our creative flow, and in the process optimize our quality as well.