Easy Homemade Kefir

Photo by Anusha A on Unsplash

Fermented foods are all the rage these days, as they’re associated with numerous health benefits as well as being super tasty. The probiotics found in foods such as Greek yogurt, kimchi and kombucha are known for helping out with gut health.

Kefir is another exciting fermented food that helps the gut microbiome, and with a few simple ingredients is easy to make at home. 

How to make Kefir

Firstly you need kefir grains which can easily be bought online. They are living organisms, so need to be ‘fed’ to keep going. For the best results, use organic full-fat dairy milk, as this contains the enzymes needed for the kefir-making process.

Put the milk and kefir grains in a large non-metal container, and cover with a cloth and elastic band. Keep at room temperature for roughly 24 hours. Placing this mixture in the fridge will halt the fermentation process.

When ready, strain using a muslin cloth. The strained liquid can then be used immediately, or stored in the fridge. Add more milk to the kefir grains, and leave for another 24 hours. 

Once this becomes more familiar, you can play around with the milk to kefir grains ratio, as well as the timing, to get your desired result.