3 Easy Houseplants to Look After

Photo by feey on Unsplash

The houseplant trend seems never ending, as more and more people are choosing these beautiful green decorations for their home space. But it can be easy to forget that these amazing additions are alive, and as such need some care and attention. For the people out there who fear the responsibility of plant ownership, here are three stunning choices that can handle a bit of neglect. 

Snake Plant

These funky looking plants are renowned as some of the hardest to kill, and for good reason. They can handle low light, don’t need watering constantly, and are pretty self-sufficient. They also can grow to impressive heights, and add some stylish greenery to any room.

Pothos / Devil’s Ivy

These stunning plants can be placed in hanging pots, or put with a climber. They grow quickly and liven up any room with their bright leaves. They also don’t need much light, and spring back quickly if they do get a bit dehydrated.

Dracaena / Dragon Tree

These lovely tall plants are also fairly easy to please. They do want some light and regular water, but aren’t too fussy about this. It’s a good idea to trim any yellow or brown leaves to keep it healthy.