Tips for Managing Frizzy Hair

Curly hair
Photo by Cesar Rincon on Unsplash

Frizzy hair can be a drag, but is something that we all face at times. Sometimes unavoidable issues like the weather make it pretty hard to steer clear from, but there are also everyday techniques you can use to keep on top of frizz, regardless of your hair type.

Reduce heat damage

It’s always tempting to reach for the dryer or straighteners to achieve a slick styled look. However, too much heat can actually damage hair. Always make sure you’re using heat protection spray, and try to reduce the heat or the amount of heat styling. Embrace the natural look! 

Use silk pillow cases

Rough synthetic material pillow cases can be very harsh on hair and cause damage which leads to frizz, meaning risk of frizz even while sleeping! It’s definitely a worthy investment to get some silk pillow cases which are much gentler on our delicate locks.

Don’t dry hair with a towel

Similarly to pillow cases, rough towels aren’t the best material for hair. This is so much worse when towels are used to rub against hair, as this causes loads of breakage and therefore frizz. Instead use a microfiber hair wrap, as this will gently and quickly dry hair.