The Real Benefits of Dry Brushing Daily

Dry brush
Photo by Sun Studio Creative on Unsplash

Dry brushing is a wellness practice with roots that go back hundreds of years. It involves using a brush with stiff bristles to quite literally brush your skin. People who dry brush regularly report a number of benefits to both their skin and overall health. Here are some changes you might notice if you incorporate it into your daily practice. 

Smoother Skin

Dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells from the surface. Regular use can lead to a smoother and softer complexion. 

Improved Circulation

Dry brushing enhances blood circulation by increasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the skin. Better circulation can contribute to healthier, more vibrant skin and may even help alleviate muscle tension.

Stimulated Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste and toxins from the body. Dry brushing also stimulates the lymphatic system by increasing the circulation in your body, aiding in detoxification. 

Cellulite Reduction

While no treatment can entirely eliminate cellulite, dry brushing may help reduce its appearance. By improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage, it can temporarily tighten the skin and lessen the dimpled look associated with cellulite.