Top 6 Kitchen Hacks to Try This Fall

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There are always ways we can make life easier with a little effort. As most of you know very well, kitchen is a room that always welcomes small improvements. We picked six easy hacks for you to try this fall.

Keep brown sugar fresh and prevent hardening

Brown sugar will stay soft if you add an orange peel or a slice of apple to the container. If it’s already hard and you, try microwaving it next to a glass of water.

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Easily peel potato without peeler

If you don’t have a peeler at hand try this: boil the potato then give it an ice bath. This will allow you to separate the skin easily.

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Tip for easier cheese grating

Before grating cheeses that are not too hard, such as fresh mozzarella, toss them in the freezer for half an hour.

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Cut multiple cherry tomatoes

If you have many cherry tomatoes to cut, do it all at once by placing them between two lids and cutting horizontally.

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Soften butter faster

To easily soften a piece of butter, cut it into smaller pieces. The smaller the pieces, the faster it will soften.

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Foam milk without a frother

In the absence of a proper espresso machine, improvise with a jar with a lid. Make perfect milk froth by filling less than a half of the jar and shaking hard for a couple of minutes.

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