DIY Wine Cork Crafts Ideas


You are wondered what things to do with wine corks? In this article we want to present you design ideas with wine corks. Natural corks are made from the bark (cork) oak. High quality corks are those that are produced by 50-year-old oak. Cork production is in several stages: the bark is stripped from the tree and are placed in special warehouses during the year. After that the crust is treated under high temperature and cut into layers. These layers are cut into strips, which are then by machine processed in a cylindrical shape.Wine Corks can be used to decorate almost every part of the house like doors, windows, walls, ceiling. And thus you will make in your home quite unusual style. Some even dare to make a wall with corks.
You can construct wall of the kitchen from wine corks. But corks are difficult to clean. After setting protect them with glass.

Diy  Wine Cork BathmatWine-Cork-Bathmatsource

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