The Hardest Nutrition Advice to Follow

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Even The Nutrition Experts Struggle To Follow This Healthy Eating Advice. You would think that the professionals in any given field follow their own advice, but as it turns out, they sometimes find it just as difficult to follow!

When it comes to eating healthy, it’s not just the average person that struggles. Nutritional experts have admitted that they face a lot of the same challenges! They’ve shared some of the advice that they find the most difficult to follow to in their own lives.

Be Mindful Of The Food You Eat

Ilyse Schapiro is a nutritionist from New York, and she sympathizes with busy moms who struggle to think about the food they’re consuming.

“One area that I find hard to follow is mindful eating,” shared Schapiro. “As a working mom, I find myself eating on the go, while I’m standing up, in the car, on the phone, and in front of the computer screen.”

Being mindful of the food consumed helps a person to make better decisions when it comes to their diet while on the contrary, eating mindlessly can be dangerous.

“Mindless eating leaves one vulnerable to consuming extra calories and not feeling satisfied,” continued Schapiro. “It’s so important to be present and enjoy your food.”

Eat Those Greens

Maria Pagano is a nutritional coach, and she can relate to a lot of people’s biggest challenge when it comes to eating. “I would have to say that getting enough vegetables would be my weakest link,” said Pagano candidly.

She says that vegetables are often the first thing to go when a person’s life gets busier. How many veggies does she recommend in a day?

“I like to shoot for 6 to 9 cups, but I usually fall around the 5-cup range when life gets busy—and unfortunately that can happen often.”

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Slow Down

Research has clearly demonstrated that when people eat slower, they eat less. Not only do we consume less food and consequently, calories, we also feel happier, more satisfied, and calmer. Slower eating results in better digestion, so why do people eat so rapidly? A busy schedule is a common culprit, and John Berardi of Precision Nutrition falls prey to it from time-to-time.

“When I feel myself speeding up, I remind myself to pay attention—to put my fork down between bites, have a sip of water, and attend to the process of feeding and caring for my body,” advised Berardi.

What lesson is there to be had from all these comments? Don’t feel so bad – even the experts struggle with following nutritional advice all the time, but the important thing is to keep trying!

Learn from the best and try to implement some of these healthy eating habits in your life, and let us know what you struggle with personally!