15 DIY Home Decor Tips To Give Your House Style

Photo by Chris Knight on Unsplash

Your home is your sanctuary, but it is also your reflection. A home shows us who we are and depicts our characteristics and tastes. So naturally, we want our home to display our best. But, many store-bought decorations can be expensive, leaving us wanting to do more than we can afford. No worries, we got you.

Check out these simple, cheap DIY home decor tips that will help spice up your home!

Add A Little Flair To The Kitchen With This Simple Wall Art

Having eye-catching wall art in your kitchen or dining area is simple with this quick project. All it takes is a few frames, a few pieces of decorative paper, and some old utensils. To make these, simply attach some old utensils to the paper with hot glue. Slide them in the frames, and voila! You can use anything from wrapping paper, wallpaper, scrapbook pages, or even old book pages.


Just Stick It To ‘Em!

For a quick and snazzy piece of table decor, grab a bundle of sticks from the local craft store (or outdoors, if you’re looking for an uneven look). These can be of any size. Dip them in the paint color of your choice, or several if you want to get fancy, and glue them together at the ends. Once dry, affix the structure to a flat base, such as cardboard or a wooden circle.

Green It Up A Bit!

Plants make any home feel a little cozier and bring a little of the outside in. Instead of using any old plant shelf, make a cube by screwing together four pieces of wood in the size of your choosing. Stain or paint the cube to match your home’s current color theme and set the pot on the shelf. The framed concept will add a little oomph to your plant.

Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry… fake plants work just as well.


Plants Aren’t Just For The Outside!

Using plants as accent pieces is a great idea as they can blend in with just about any decorating style you opt to use. But don’t stick to the ordinary… when using plants, think a little out of the box. Finding some glass jars (think dollar store), build a mini-greenhouse by adding several layers of soil, pebbles, and rocks. Then add in plants that will do well in a greenhouse environment. Classy and easy!

If It’s On the Wall, It’s Art!

Paint and fabric swatches aren’t just for testing out a design, anymore! After you’ve finished picking out your color pallet, don’t throw out those color swatches! Arrange them in a designated pattern, with adequate spacing between them, on the wall. They’ll fit nicely with your color theme and they won’t go to waste!

Display Your Moments With Style!

A few pieces of wire or string and some small squares of wood will give you a unique way to display your memories without looking just like everyone else. The best part is that they’re easily interchangeable – allowing you to keep new photos in rotation with a quick and easy process. You can use this method to display children’s pictures without clogging up the fridge, too.


Kitchen Towels CAN Be Stylish!

Don’t settle for that plain, cheap plastic paper towel holder. Just because an item is useful, doesn’t mean it can’t be part of the decor. Affix a colored door knob or cabinet knob to the wall. Find an old wire coat hanger and cut it in the bottom middle. Poke one end into a cork, add the paper towel roll, and the slide the other end into the opposite end of the cork inside the roll.

Say It With Wood!

Looking to fill a large space on your wall? A pallet is a great tool to use up excessive free space for a low cost. Stain or paint the pallet to your color scheme and then select your favorite quote. Handpaint the saying onto the slats and let dry. Once completed, you can either hang the pallet or simply lean it against the wall.

More Than Meets The Eye!

Have some old books lying around that have seen better days? How about sheet music or old magazines? Use several sheets of paper, cut into strips, to create little paper roses by rolling them loosely into themselves in layers. Use fasteners to keep the roses in their shape. Arrange them in a printed or glass bowl and they make great table toppers! These can be tailored to each room by color scheme or to holidays by selecting printed paper.

Shelve It!

Shelves aren’t just functional, they’re an opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Use reclaimed barn wood, driftwood, or whatever type of wood holds your appeal. By using a natural wood, instead of store-bought, processed wood, you will have a unique, eclectic look that you won’t find in any store near you.


Mason Jars Aren’t Just For Canning Anymore!

Mason jars are a cheap, commonplace item that can be utilized in a wide array of manners. If your tastes involve a rustic-chic look, they should be a staple in your home decor arrangments. A few coats of paint, matching your color scheme, and some brackets will turn these kitchen items into a beautiful way to display floral arrangments. If you use a translucent paint and drop in an electric candle, you can use them as a rustic lighting accent.