4 Reasons To Buy Organic Food

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Friends and family may have been convincing you to go organic for years, but you were never really sure if it was worth spending a couple of extra bucks for organic produce. Here are a few reasons that make it totally worth it to shop organically.

Good for Your Health

A study proved that eating organic foods can greatly lower your exposure to harmful chemicals that can be found in non-organic foods. Toxic pesticides can cause neurological problems, indigestion, headaches and even cancer.

Clean Water

Organic food helps keep our water clean because nobody wants nasty chemicals in their shower. Companies who use pesticides often dispose of them improperly. Incorrect disposal can contaminate soil and even drinking water.


Protects Animals

Wild animals depend on rivers, lakes, and streams for their water source. When these bodies of water are contaminated by toxic chemicals and pollutants, many living creatures may suffer. Additionally, studies have shown that organic livestock is usually treated better than non-organic animals.

Best Flavor

You’re definitely more likely to get better flavor by choosing organic products. They don’t contain any artificial ingredients, so their taste is natural and pure. Because they are free from preservatives, they sit on the shelf for less time so you get a fresher product.