Turns Out Some People Have a Genetic Predisposition to Dislike Vegetables

Many kids hate vegetables, but it’s considered normal to start eating more of them once you’re an adult. While some people make the switch without batting an eye, for others it’s a real struggle. As it turns out, some people are “genetically wired” not to like vegetables and perhaps you’re among them.

New research has found that there are people with two copies of a particular taste gene who are affected by this. The researchers believe this can be the explanation behind why some people go out of their way to avoid vegetables as adults. The excess gene mentioned makes particular foods like sprouts and broccoli more bitter and less tasty.

They warn that this could affect some people’s diets and prevent them from eating the recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables. If you fall under this group of people, perhaps you can change the way you prepare certain vegetables or you can try eating non-bitter veggies more. We just hope you’re aware of all the health benefits that come from eating a balanced diet that includes all food groups.