3 Small Signs That You May Be Stressed

Life is stressful, and even if it weren’t before, we believe this year got to most of you. Work, relationships, home life, and now the pandemic is affecting your life whether you notice it or not, but some level of stress is to be expected in adulthood. It’s not good when you get too much stress, and here are three signs that you may be stressed out.

You’re Constantly Feeling Irritable

If you get irritated really easily or you get particularly impatient, that’s likely a sign that you need to slow down. It’s not unusual for people who are under a lot of stress to lose it over something trivial like a broken glass. so take that as a sign that you need a break.

You Can’t Make Decisions

Stress makes you feel constantly tired and chronically feeling like that may make you less confident in making decisions. It may be something small like what to wear in the morning or something much bigger, but take note of this when it happens.


Skin Picking

Skin picking, as well as biting your nails and similar behaviors are a way to do something with your hands while your mind works on something that stresses you out. Add feeling restless and unable to focus and it becomes clear that you need to give yourself a break.