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In a time where everything is fast-paced and online, it's rare to find the time to pick up a book and read. Whether you're an advanced reader or have not touched a book since high school, here are our three favorite books we've read in 2022. 
Peanut butter board
We can always count on TikTok to introduce us to some amazing food trends and this social media platform is exceeding our wildest expectations this fall. Creative food boards are all the rage on this social media platform and here are three that everyone’s raving about.
The second month of 2022 is almost behind us, and it’s given us some pretty amazing food trends so far. Some of them became such a huge hit that they’re slowly becoming a part of the mainstream, and that happens to be the case with these three...
Home decor trends
TikTok is constantly giving us new trends that are shaping the way we dress, do our makeup, and decorate our homes. If you enjoy using this social media platform for home décor inspiration, here are three extremely trendy aesthetics that you should know about.
Corn. One of summer hottest food trends
Food trends are emerging on TikTok pretty much every week, and this summer has given us more tasty crazes than we can count. Some of them fit every season, while others will be only here for the summer—and that will probably be the case with these viral...
If lighting scented candles happen to be your idea of self-care, it’s time you took a different approach and tried to make them yourself. TikTok is overflowing with candle-making DIY tutorials, and here are a few that will help you embrace the latest candle trends.
Hot chocolate bombs are the latest viral food trend that we owe to TikTok. After breaking apart, they’ll fill your cup with oozing cocoa, tiny marshmallows, and other sweet treats, and here’s a couple of reasons why they’re everywhere right now. Visual Appeal

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