3 Trendy Home Décor Aesthetics Taking TikTok by Storm

Home decor trends
Photo by Lucas Calloch on Unsplash

TikTok is constantly giving us new trends that are shaping the way we dress, do our makeup, and decorate our homes. If you enjoy using this social media platform for home décor inspiration, here are three extremely trendy aesthetics that you should know about.


If you’re a huge fan of minimalist style, Japandi will be your cup of tea. It merges Japanese and Scandinavian style into one aesthetic, by embracing simple lines and uncluttered décor that Nordic style is known for, with calming, elegant minimalism of Japanese style.

Grandmillennial Style

If minimalism simply isn’t your thing and you enjoy going all-in with your home décor, the grandmillennial style is just the thing you need. This rising trend is here to breathe a new life into décor pieces that are usually considered stuffy or outdated, such as rich velvet textiles, vintage furnishings, macramé wall hangings, and crowded shelves.


Cottagecore was one of the biggest home décor trends of 2020, and if you think it’s finally gone—think again. This nostalgic aesthetic that celebrates retro feel and outdoor life will give you major Jane Austen vibes, and we expect it to make a comeback every spring and summer, the same way it did this year.