Candle Lovers Have to Try These Trendy TikTok Tutorials

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

If lighting scented candles happen to be your idea of self-care, it’s time you took a different approach and tried to make them yourself. TikTok is overflowing with candle-making DIY tutorials, and here are a few that will help you embrace the latest candle trends.

Twisted Candles

If we had to pick the biggest candle trend in the world right now, we’d certainly go with bendy candles. Judging by the TikTok tutorials, it’s incredibly easy to give regular candles a twisted shape and make them a little bit more trendy.

Bubble Candles

Adorable candles with layered bubbly shapes are all the rage on TikTok right now. Making them can be extremely easy, as long as you find the silicon mold of the right shape.

Shell Candles

Shell candles are also a huge hit on TikTok right now and they make a perfect addition to every home. Just like bubble candles, they can be made pretty easily if you have the right mold.

Body Candles

By this point, you’ve already figured out it’s easy to make trendy candles once you find the molds. That’s the case with the viral body candles, which take shape of a female frame, little angels, and ancient sculptures.