From Butter Boards to Hummus Boards, Indulge in Fall’s Biggest TikTok Food Craze

Peanut butter board
Image by Image by srapulsar38/Depositphotos

We can always count on TikTok to introduce us to some amazing food trends and this social media platform is exceeding our wildest expectations this fall. Creative food boards are all the rage on this social media platform and here are three that everyone’s raving about.

Butter Boards

Butter boards are fall’s biggest food craze and they inspired the avalanche of other similar trends. To make your own butter board at home, you only need to spread some softened butter over your board, and top it with everything from herbs and leafy greens to figs, tomatoes, garlic, and more!


I like this one idk I’m in a silly goofy butter mood

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Hummus Boards

If you’re not a huge fan of butter, or simply want to make your board a little bit healthier, hummus boards are the thing you need. You can use pretty much the same toppings, but feel free to experiment and opt for foods that complement your hummus perfectly.

@mama_zee_kitchen_ We have endless elements from our own food that perfectly qualify for trendy a dipping board. Here’s a simple hummus board with fattoush topping. What other ideas would you like me to try? #hummusboard #hummuslover #fattoush #fattoushsalad #butterboard #trendboard #balqeesfathi #mazagangi #balqees #balqeesfathifans ♬ Mazagangy – Balqees

Peanut Butter Boards

It didn’t take long for TikTok users to come up with a sweet alternative to butter boards. Peanut butter boards were born, and you’ll love them if peanut butter is your favorite spread. The list of toppings is pretty different this time around because you should focus on sweet ingredients, such as bananas, crushed nuts, chocolate chips, and more.

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