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Once we start wearing makeup, it can be difficult to stop. It's easy to get used to seeing a flawless face in the mirror thanks to foundation, contouring, and mascara ... meaning going out without them can become nerve-wracking. There's nothing wrong with makeup as a form...
Useful Mascara Tips for Short Eyelashes
If you have naturally short and thin lashes, you’ve probably already tried every single trick to make them longer. Forget those false eyelashes and extensions, because these tips will help you get fuller and longer eyelashes every single time. Master the Technique
If you're a fan of makeup, or a fan of cinema, or happen to love both, you'll probably appreciate this list of some of the most iconic makeup looks from movies throughout history. Natalie Portman, Black Swan Though she spends most...
A portrait of a woman wearing glasses
If you love makeup and experimenting with different looks—and also wear glasses—you probably know how disappointing it can be when you craft a beautiful eyeshadow look and then just cover it up with your glasses. But there are actually ways you can do your makeup that will...
Removing makeup
Removing makeup at the end of the day is the most important part of your skincare routine. In case you’re not a fan of store-bought removers that can often irritate the skin, here are some amazing natural alternatives you can use for removing makeup.
Applying makeup
Many women put on makeup on a daily basis, but we should all keep in mind that using makeup can take a toll on our skin over time. Here are a few important tips for taking good care of your skin and preventing skin damage.
No makeup
Many women are used to applying makeup every single morning in order to look and feel better about themselves, but is that really necessary? Natural beauty has been trending for a few years now so here are a few good reason to wear less makeup in the...
False eyelashes can take any makeup look to the next level, but the problem is that applying them can sometimes be really tricky. If you’ve never used false lashes before, these tips can help you make this process less difficult. Trimming
Summer makeup
Wearing makeup in the summer is the worst—from the moment you step outside your makeup is ruined from sweating. While some people avoid wearing makeup altogether during the summer, some people can't imagine going without it. Luckily, there are ways to make your makeup last longer in...
Makeup is one of the go-to tools that make us look beautiful and can easily boost our confidence. However, if you don’t apply it correctly, makeup can also make you appear older, so in order to avoid this scenario try not to make these mistakes.

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