Minimal Makeup Looks That’ll Ease the Transition to No Makeup At All

No makeup
Photo by Vadim Artyukhin on Unsplash

Once we start wearing makeup, it can be difficult to stop. It’s easy to get used to seeing a flawless face in the mirror thanks to foundation, contouring, and mascara … meaning going out without them can become nerve-wracking. There’s nothing wrong with makeup as a form of self-expression, of course, but if you’re someone who doesn’t connect to your makeup or finds it time-consuming then you might be looking to make a change. One thing that can help is trying out more minimal looks to get used to showing off your natural face.

Sheer Foundation

Not all foundations are full-coverage and opaque. If you’re used to making your skin look completely one-tone or contouring, try out some lighter foundation. This will help you get used to seeing your natural skin in the mirror while still providing some correction and evening your tones.

Focus On One Feature

Another option is to skip the full face and instead use a bit of makeup to make one feature pop. Maybe this means mascara and a bit of eyeshadow, or some nice lipstick. This can help you get to know your own features and get familiar with your natural beauty.

Go Absurd

If you’ve historically used makeup to blot out imperfections and not as a form of self-expression, it can be fun to try out different out-there makeup looks to show off your personality. Maybe that means unconventional lipstick and eyeshadow colors or face glitter. There are endless possibilities and they don’t need to include any kind of “corrective” makeup—your face is perfect as-is, and it doesn’t need to be corrected.