Makeup Artist Mimles Will Leave You Speechless

Fact: Instagram is packed with amazing, gifted makeup artists. But, not all of them were created equal, after all. Some have that divine spark of extraordinary creativity in them—and Mimi Choi, who goes by mimles on Insta, is definitely one of them.

Mimles is a lot more than just a makeup artist—she’s a true genius. You can see that just by having a quick look through her posts. She creates unworldly body paintings, sometimes for other people, but more often than not, using her very own face and body as her canvas. And the results are always breathtaking.

Among her endless creations, you can find psychedelic patterns and wild animals that look hella real, and various optical illusions making her face and body parts look as if they’re duplicated, cut into pieces or missing! To be honest, the latter are the most impressive ones.

Btw, if you happen to be in the U.S.—Mimles also gives real-life masterclasses to teach others how to do what she does. Or, well, try to do what she does. Check out her bio for upcoming dates!