Make Your Summer Picnics More Fun with These Outdoor Activities

Playing frisbee in the park
Photo by Josh Rocklage on Unsplash

Picnics allow you to connect with your friends and family in natural surroundings, and there are many ways you can make them super-fun. If you want to stay active between eating all the tasty picnic treats, here are some fun outdoor activities you should add to the mix.


No matter what kind of picnic you’re planning, you can always play volleyball. Most parks and beaches have a volleyball court, but this is not a must since you can just stand in a circle and play it that way.


Badminton is one of the most popular racket sports for a reason. There’s no need to book a tennis court to play it since you can do it at your local park, and the equipment is cheap, light, and barely takes up any space.


Speaking of sports you can play during your picnic without bringing any fancy equipment along, Frisbee is your best bet. The flying disc takes up so little space that you won’t even notice it, and your friends and family will be happy to join the game.

Disc Golf

Disc golf is another amazing outdoor activity that you can play with a flying disc—just make sure to check if your local park has disc golf baskets.