How to Choose the Right Apparel for Your Workout

Workout clothes
Photo by CATHY PHAM on Unsplash

When you’re getting ready for a workout and trying to decide what to wear, there are a few things to consider. Of course, you can more or less wear anything comfortable, but there are better outfits for different types of workouts. Will you be out in the sun? Will your feet be hitting the floor a lot, making the workout high-impact? Here’s how to maximize your workout outfit.

Out In the Sun

If you’ll be running, biking, or skating out in the hot sun, think about investing in sun-protective clothing. If you burn easily, try to cover as much skin as you can while still being comfortable (especially your shoulders and the back of your neck). Try to find quick-dry, breathable clothes to counteract sweating and keep you cool. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!


If you’re planning on a high-impact workout with running or jumping, you may want tighter clothing to help absorb the shock. But, be sure these clothes are also breathable to help with the heat.

Plus Sizes

There are many companies today that make leggings and sports bras specifically for plus-size bodies. Balancing tightness with breathability can be hard, so be sure to check reviews of items to find the best ones for your specific needs.