Embroidery Artists Olga Prinku Uses Flowers as Her Thread

Most embroidery artists craft their amazing creations using thread, but not Olga Prinku. She believes that nature is the best possible thread out there, and her embroidery hoops are decorated with flowers and plants instead.

Prinku is based in North Yorkshire, and she’s a graphic designer by profession. She’s always been passionate about crafting, especially knitting and wreath-making, and her love for flowers-on-tulle embroidery grew out of these hobbies.

“My favorite part of this new craft is the scope to be inventive. I love coming up with new ideas for ways to experiment with the technique or apply it to other kinds of artwork or product,” explains Prinku on her official website.

Prinku went on quite a journey since first trying to poke the stems of flowers through net fabric in 2016. In addition to becoming a true Instagram sensation, with 200,000 followers under her belt, she also hosted several exhibitions, collaborated with fashion and homeware brands, and published a book called Dried Flower Embroidery: An introduction to the art of flowers on tulle.

Prinku is also committed to teaching others the secrets of her craft. She sells DIY kits that allow you to replicate her creations, and you can also find tutorials and book workshops on her official website.