Skin Care Gurus Swear By This Secret

Clear skin
Photo by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash

We all want perfect skin like the skin care gurus we see all over social media, but the question is how do we get it? These skin care gurus promote so many products, it’s hard to keep track. Not to mention, it’s expensive to keep buying the hottest new skincare product (and who knows if it will even work!). So what’s the secret? How can you really get clear skin?

Some skin care gurus would say the secret is actually not in the products you use, but in the water that cleanses your face! This means that the quality of the water coming out of your faucet when you wash your face could be the reason those products aren’t working. 

How Does Tap Water Harm Your Skin?

Tap water has harsh minerals that harm your skin’s barrier and can cause issues including removing natural facial oils, drying out your skin, harming your collagen barrier, and causing irritation.

The Solution: Faucet Water Filters!

Faucet water filters are taking the skincare world by storm. With an easy setup, these filters will have you washing your face with clean water in no time. People who started using these filters saw results so fast, it’s no wonder people can’t stop talking about it!