Why You Should Do Emotional Check-Ins With Yourself and Your Friends!

An emotional check-in is a very important aspect of getting older for so many reasons. This can be for good, bad, and scary emotions, but the idea is to be able to share everything with the people you surround yourself with. This will help you shy away from miscommunications that can hurt feelings or annoy people, and being open with your own emotions will help you feel happier overall!


Emotional check-ins might sound scary to some people who don’t often think about their emotions, but it’s such a vital part of becoming a fully realized healthy individual. Emotional check-ins can come in many forms and you can completely tailor it to your preferred means of communication, expression, etc., but no matter how you do it, it’s very important to do it as much as possible!

An emotional check-in can look like a lot of things. If you’re feeling nervous or excited about something, you can text your friends to let them know what you’re feeling either to share your joy or express to them that maybe you won’t be feeling as focused or present because of it. Or, if you’re feeling some type of way towards a friend, expressing that to them and asking to check in with their emotions will strengthen your bond overall.