When is the Best Time to Eat a Salad?

A lot of people have opinions about salads.

For example, the French actually eat them at the end of the meal, because they feel like it helps with digestion. People in the US eat salads at the beginning of the meal, as a sort of appetizer. Some countries like Israel eat a salad with the meal as a side dish, so what’s the right way to go?

While you can never go wrong eating a salad, there is a time that is best to eat it, so you can get the maximum health benefits.

Whether you eat a salad before, after, or during a meal, doesn’t affect your digestion in any major ways. However, it’s been proven by many studies that if you eat your salad before the meal, you’re more likely to eat more vegetables and less meat or carbohydrates during your meal.

This is because when you come to the table, you’re usually very hungry, and likely to eat whatever is in front of you. If you eat a salad before your meal you’ll eat more of your salad and fill up on vegetables more so than the main course.

However, it’s better to have vegetables at some point during your meal, so do what works best for you, but maybe give salads the first act at dinner tonight.