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Many people feel like they have to work out non-stop to make progress, but rest days are actually an essential part of every successful fitness routine. In addition to giving your body enough time to recover, rest days can also do wonders for your motivation.
Things to know before quitting workout
We’ve all experienced all sorts of setbacks in our fitness routine, so thinking about giving up on exercise is totally normal. Here are, however, just a few things to keep in mind before you make this decision. The Confidence Let’s be...
Woman at workout
One thing that’s keeping most people from staying active is the lack of motivation to commit to a fitness routine. Things can get even more difficult if you’re trying to do one-hour-long workouts every day, but that’s where the 10-minute-rule comes in. Working for...
30-day fitness challenges are super-easy to start, but finishing them up is a whole different story. Most people who start them are fitness newbies who often struggle with fitness motivation, and here are three steps you should take if you happen to be one of them.
The cool temperature and the rainy days shouldn’t stop you from finally getting fit this season as fall is the perfect time to start exercising, and here’s a few reasons why.   Take advantage of the weather Just because gyms are...

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