Put Down Your Cup of After Dinner Tea Now!

A lot of people enjoy a cup of hot tea after a big meal, to help aid in digestion and to be social with friends and family a little longer. However, you’re not doing yourself or your digestion any good by sipping on tea. Even though it sounds like the perfect post-meal drink, it’s actually, the opposite.

Tea has polyphenols in it, which is the reason why your tea can sometimes taste strange if you leave the bag in for too long. Even though caffeinated teas have more of them than herbal teas, herbal teas still have them as well. While normally there’s nothing wrong with polyphenols, when you consume them after a meal, it can inhibit nutrient absorption, specifically with iron.

To make sure you’re getting all the iron you can, skip the tea and instead go for a plain cup of warm water or wait at least an hour to enjoy a brew so you can actually help your digestion instead of inadvertently hurting it.