Awesome Workouts to Do With a Friend

Working out alone can sometimes be pretty hard and boring, but it doesn’t have to be if you have a friend who is into fitness as much as you. Call that friend and together, try these awesome workouts that are made to make you both sweat and have time at the same time.

Cardio Dance

BeFIT’s Keaira LaShae will help you and your friend burn major calories in only 11 minutes. Call your friend (or friends) and throw an impromptu dance party in your living room that’s not only fun but healthy as well.

Pilates Partner

If you and your BFF are not into insanely hard workouts, maybe some low-impact exercises such as pilates could be your thing. Holly Clapham from Body Inspired Fitness designed these pilates partner workouts that’ll help you and your friend slim your legs, tone your arms, and cut up your core.

The Beach Workout

You and your gal plan are planning to spend a day on the beach? Take a look at this inspiring video to see awesome partner exercises you can easily do together in only 10 minutes.

15 Minute ‘Shred Camp’ Workout

This is an explosive 15-minute workout that combines body weight resistance training and plyometric movement to work the entire body and burn major calories.