Huda Kattan Launches Skincare Brand Wishful

The mega-popular makeup guru, Huda Kattan just launched her skincare brand. Better known as Huda Beauty, this beauty pro knows a thing or two about skin issues. Inspired by her own struggles with skin, she decided to create a line that would target the most common problems everyone is facing.

“The goal for WISHFUL isn’t to flood your bathroom with hundreds of new products but to help refine your daily routine to targeted products that will effectively and visibly give you happier and healthier skin that you can feel truly confident in. It was also really important that every product was clean and intentional, so only valuable and clean ingredients make the inkey list,” reads the official statement of the brand.

The first product for Wishful is a scrub, packed with great ingredients. The great thing is that Huda actually has a whole range of products ready to launch, and you can create your whole wishlist that best fits your needs.

This scrub is based on papaya and pineapple extracts and provides both a chemical and physical exfoliation. At the same time, it will help with discolorations, brighten the skin and provide an even skin tone. The enzyme scrub is priced at $39.